Fire Alarm Systems Sécutrol Fire protection and security systems

A reliable fire alarm and safety system

Do you want to have your fire alarm network analyzed, or possibly even develop a fire safety plan? Do you need new equipment, or to have your fire detection system brought up to standard to ensure the safety of occupants?

The Sécutrol fire safety experts can take charge of the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of your fire protection network, whether you have a traditional or intelligent system, and regardless of the model or brand.

When performing the tasks entrusted to us, we strictly adhere to the various current regulations (National Building Code or ULC standards: ULC-S537, ULC-S536, ULC-S524). All directives of the competent authorities (your insurer or municipality, for example) are faithfully followed. If necessary, we act as an intermediary to ensure that your system meets all their requirements.

We have our own team of specialized inspectors. As actual fire protection systems inspection professionals, our inspectors have all the necessary skills to conduct assessments of equipment from all manufacturers, regardless of the model or year of production and installation.

We are a member of the Association canadienne d’alarme incendie (Canadian Fire Alarm Association). Furthermore, our fire inspection team is qualified to apply:

• The ULC-S536 fire alarm network inspection standard;
• The National Fire Code (NFC);
• The National Building Code (NBC);
• The ULC-S524 installation standard.

Don’t wait - contact us immediately if you have any problems, questions or concerns about your fire alarm system.