Extinguishers and hoses Sécutrol Fire protection and security systems

Fire extinguishers and hoses:
equipment that has proven its worth

Fire extinguishers and hoses are an integral part of your fire protection network. They should be regularly inspected and be subject to rigorous maintenance, regardless of the size and usage of the building where they are located.

Portable extinguishers are used to extinguish small fires. Even if yours is a small company, it is very important that your workplace is equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers, as provided for in your fire prevention plan.

The extinguishers must be easily accessible and in good working condition. There are many types of portable extinguishers available on the market. Sécutrol can help you determine the model and required number of fire extinguishers, and the nature and type of suppression agent, based on how the building is used and its location. Our team ensures that the location of the extinguishers is clearly displayed, and that they are easy to reach and use. Training can be given to employees upon request.

Fire extinguishers require regular inspection and maintenance in accordance with Standards NFPA 10 and NFPA 1962. An inspection and maintenance report is kept up to date by Sécutrol’s professionals. It contains information regarding inspection and maintenance dates, locations, the inspector’s identification details, the tests carried out, etc. All extinguishers must also be properly labeled.