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Extinguishing systems at the cutting edge of technology

The primary objective of an extinguishing system is to protect occupants and properties through rapid action from the very start of the fire. Extinguishing systems usually act by suffocation (reduction of oxygen levels), or by inhibition (interruption of the combustion). Several suppression agents (water, gas, water mist, powder, foam, etc.) are used to extinguish the fire or slow its progress. Depending on your situation, Sécutrol experts can help you determine the appropriate suppression agent(s).

The traditional water-based extinguishing system (sprinkler) is not suitable for all situations. The water mist, or spray, can slow the progression of the flames, leaving very little residual water. However, other solutions must be considered when it comes to protecting equipment, infrastructure, computers, etc.

Thus, the FM 200 system, for example, quickly absorbs heat and prevents the combustion process before the smoke causes any damage. It has the advantage of leaving no undesirable residue. The fire extinguishing system that uses the product Inergen is especially effective in enclosed spaces where the damage usually caused by fire must be avoided. When it comes to argon, a gas that is a clean, clear, colorless and harmless to the environment, it is frequently used in combination with nitrogen in the fire extinguisher tanks.

As for kitchen hoods, they must be protected by means of a system that has been adapted to its specific use.

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