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Inspection services for fire protection and electronic security systems

In order to be effective, every security system must be inspected and maintained in good working condition in accordance with applicable laws, codes, standards and regulations.

Our inspectors perform all kinds of inspection for all fire detection and fire protection systems brands. The same professionalism is also applied to the inspection of electronic security systems.

For every inspection, the customer receives a full report, including the list of the system’s equipment, the location where each component is installed, its model, the date of the inspection, as well as a certificate (if required) attesting to its proper working order (if applicable).

Recommended annual inspections

The list of inspections below is for guidance purposes only. It may vary depending on the facilities and services selected.

Fire alarm

• Inspection in accordance with Standard ULC-S536.
• During this inspection, each of the system’s components will be tested to verify their proper working order.

Individual smoke alarm

• Inspection in accordance with the applicable code and regulations (CNPI).

Portable fire extinguishers

Inspection in accordance with Standard NFPA10.

Fire hoses

• Inspection in accordance with Standards NFPA14 and NFPA1962.

Automatic sprinklers

• Inspection in accordance with Standards NFPA13 and NFPA25.

Fire pump

• Inspection in accordance with Standard NFPA20.

Fixed extinguishing system and kitchen hoods

• Maintenance and inspection in accordance with Standards NFPA17 and NFPA96.

Human safety

Testing human safety systems:

• Emergency lighting
• Nurse call
• Access control systems
• Anti-burglary systems
• Evacuation plans
• Gas detection