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A complete system of automatic sprinklers and fire pumps

Sécutrol conducts inspections of automatic sprinkler systems and fire pumps based on current NFPA standards. Whatever type of fire protection system you have, our specialists have the training and skills necessary for inspecting and maintaining your facilities, whether they are commercial or industrial premises, in compliance with the latest standards.

The sprinkler system slows the spread of flames and smoke in a building. It is activated by a change in temperature and is connected to the fire alarm system. The sprinkler system must be subject to an annual inspection.

Whether you have a wet, dry, pre-action or deluge system, our inspections are performed in accordance with NFPA 25—the standard for the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems, including the backflow preventer. The inspection will come with a detailed report and a certificate of compliance for the building, as required.

To be complete, the annual automatic sprinklers and fire pumps inspections must include at least:

• A flow test through the main drain and inspector test valve done by the inspector;
• A verification of the Fire Department Connection (Siamese), its display, the various valves and their identifiers;
• A verification of the upstream and downstream water pressure system;
• A verification of the proper working condition of the manometers and hydraulic or electric bells;
• A test of the excess pressure, its switch and circuit breaker;
• As appropriate, a running test of the fire pump;
• A visual inspection.

For increased safety and efficiency, we recommend a simultaneous inspection of the fire alarm system. That way, only one team performs all the inspections.

With Sécutrol, safety is simplified!

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