Installation Services Sécutrol Fire protection and security systems

Installation services for fire protection and electronic security systems

Sécutrol offers a wide range of design and installation services in relation to fire protection and electronic security :

• Surveillance and recording cameras
• Detection of carbon monoxide and other gases
• Battery-operated emergency lighting and exit signage
• Portable fire extinguishers and fire hoses
• Fire alarm networks
• Automatic sprinkler network
• Remote monitoring service
• Wander alert system for doors and elevators
• Coded system for calling an elevator
• Anti-theft and burglar alarm systems
• Wired or wireless nurse call system
• Coded electromagnetic system for emergency doors
• Fixed extinguishing system for kitchen hoods
• Extinguishing system for computer rooms
• Intercom unit or telephone system
• Card access control system
• Magnetic retainer system (fire door)
• Door surveillance system with localized alarm
• Monitoring system for temperature, water level warnings, etc.
• Pager transmission system for nurse call with events history record
• Elevator phone